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The Treasure at Bakker Road


The Treasure at Bakker RoadIt was a hot afternoon in 1949 when Doug and Betty Alyea came to look at a farm that was for sale at the end of Bakker Road. The house seemed a bit run-down but Doug knew he could handle the repairs, and he liked the look of the big barn and thick, green grass in the fields. Standing in the yard on that hot afternoon they could also feel the cool breeze coming in off the lake and that settled it. They decided that this would be the place to set roots, raise their family, build up the farm and follow their dream.

They, like other county farmers, knew the risks, that dreams require luck as much as they do a strong back and good land let alone a generous heart. There knew there were failures. Not so long ago in a yard a few kilometres up the road children were playing before the call to supper. Today, we can only imagine the smells of a stew and freshly-baked bread and apple pie filling the air, as we look at a badly-weathered and abandoned house and barn. We now know that even many years of hard work brought no guarantees to see another spring.

Doug Alyea found that their new farm rested on several deep veins of valuable polished gravel and fine sand left behind by glaciers thousands of years ago. They would also find that the rich limestone buried deep in their soil was a nourishing gift to their tomato crops during the dry spells of the canning years. But he wondered why a house nearby looked identical to their farmhouse. What was that about? Eventually he would hear the dramatic tale of the treasure on Bakker Road. We begin this Quest at the yard where one dream ended.

In this episode you hear the voices of: Doug Alyea, Victor Alyea, Ruth Crawford, Mabel Onderdonk, Elwood Burris, and Janet Lunn.



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