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The Swamp Angels


The Chestnut TreeElwood Burris remembers a time when you could hitch a ride on a slowly moving train from Hillier to Picton. He also recalls a much less-lyrical time as a young boy picking tomatoes rain or shine. But then there was always a rich community life with hockey on the creek in winter and lots of parties and dances at the hall.

The railway brought new connections to the county as well as dangers. Mabel Onderdonk vividly remembers one November morning in 1927 when she and her friend were waiting at the Hillier train station. They were waiting at ten to nine as they did every morning to take the train to school in Wellington. As the train drew near an explosion tore through the air. Mabel recalls that day when the train conductor feared for the safety of Mabel and her friend whom he called his swamp angels.

In this episode you hear the voices of: Elwood Burris, Ruth Crawford, Victor Alyea, Raymond Taylor and Mabel Onderdonk.



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