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A Creek Runs Through Here

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A Safe Haven


The Chestnut TreeFloral Minaker's ancestors were among the first settlers to arrive in the County. When Floral talks about the journals that both her father and grandfather in which they describe their daily activities through the years, she warmly recalls how, in the midst of all their hard work, they always had time to enjoy themselves. Nothing was as important as family and friends and she recalls picnics and celebrations they would have even in the middle of the day.

Residents like Albert Copp talk about how they continued to feel strong allegiances to the British crown. However, Everett Pringle points out that they were unwilling to import hostilities that plagued the old world into their new lives here. Local historian Bill Cowan fills out the picture of conditions that early settlers faced upon arriving in the county. They were on the losing side of the war between the American colonies against England and endured great hostility for their allegiance to the Crown. And it was often the courage and strength of women that brought sustenance and hope to the new communities through the years.

In this episode you heard the voices of: Floral Minaker, Janet Lunn, Albert Copp, Everett Pringle, and Bill Cowan.



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