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The Chestnut Tree Loyalists, United Empire Loyalists. They were called loyalists for their loyalty to Britain during her war with her American colonies. England lost the war and her American colonies in 1783. The loyalists supported the losing side and faced vicious hatred and persecution for their beliefs. They were ridiculed and shamed, ostracized, often hunted down, tarred and feathered; some were even hanged or shot. They lost their land and houses which were either confiscated or burned. And so they fled, destitute and terrified.

Thousands of refugees had gathered in New York in 1784 and from there they came to settle in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Upper Canada. Some came to Prince Edward County. When they arrived in the county they began carving farms out of a luxuriant primeval forest that had covered the land since the last ice age. We begin this Quest with the story of a family who arrived in the county 200 years ago and has farmed this land for a hundred years. Like other loyalist settlers, they embraced their new home and learned to work with the personality of their rocky soils, yet they never forgot the crown that had provided their ancestors a refuge.

In this episode you hear the voices of: Ruth Crawford, Richard Foster, Raymond Taylor, Mabel Onderdonk and Janet Lunn.



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