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The Chestnut Tree


The Chestnut TreeMany people remember a time or place in childhood that's special. For some it's an event or an pet. For Ross Parks it's a chestnut tree. When he was a young boy he would climb up and curl into a branch and feel the warm wind rock the tree.

Others like Martha Crawford, who arrived as a bride in the County during a huge snow storm, found the special time in her memory of her friendships on Bethel Road. She remembers how neighbours embraced her, a stranger to their community, and made her feel that she belonged.

When Ross returns to the yard of his childhood with his 96-year old father, he discovers the depth of affection tree that each still hold for the tree.

In this episode you heard the voices of: Ross Parks, Doug Alyea, Martha Crawford, Victor Alyea and Janet Lunn.



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