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In The Can


We each want happiness. Ah but where to find it? We sometimes sees others look for it in all the wrong places and sometimes catch ourselves as well. Others seem to find it effortlessly, as though it were right under their noses. Maybe it is. Take Bart Cunningham, for instance. He grew up on a farm on Hubbs Creek Road just west of Wellington. He went to the barn to do his chores at four-thirty every morning for fifty years. And, what's more, he's loved his life. Was it a life full of things and the latest iPod or Blackberry of the day? You can guess the answer. So, would his love of his life go as far as enjoying the tomato picking times? You'll see that's going too far. For others, like Betty Cronk, working in a cannery was a chance to be with friends and socialize as well as make a little money. More than tomatoes were in the can.

In this episode you hear the voices of: Bart Cunningham, Ruth Crawford, Betty Crock, Victor Alyea and Janet Lunn.



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